My letter to Verizon Wireless

I recently switched my wireless service. I am now paying $25 a month for unlimited data and messages on my new android with Virgin Mobile. I canceled the data service on my blackberry (data alone was $30 a month) and as soon as my contract is up in 2 months, I will be canceling my family plan as well.

In the United States, Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint, who actually comes out in support of net neutrality. I would much rather have gone with Credo Mobile, however their plans are a little pricey for me right now.

I have been disgusted with Verizon Wireless for awhile now. Not just because of their high prices – nearly $200 a month for 4 phones, only one of which has any kind of data/messaging plan – but because of their opposition to net neutrality, their psuedo-monopoly (along with AT&T) of the wireless market in the US and because of their financial support of radical Republican politicians, including the tea party (AT&T also donates big money to the tea party).

So I switched my service, so far I love it. I also sent the following in an email to a few of the Verizon Wireless executives as well as customer service. Hopefully it reaches someone and makes the slightest difference. I encourage everyone else to, as consumers, take control of your money. Money is what runs our country these days, and the only way our leaders – corporate or elected – will listen to us is by changing the way we spend that money.

I have been a contracted customer for almost six years now, and I have had enough. I have paid $30 a month for the past three years for my blackberry data plan. The network itself is great, I have never had a dropped call, I almost never have had to talk to customer service. But I am sick of spending an additional $30 a month for data. My family plan is almost $200 every month! Insane!

However, the most concerning issue for me is your corporate political stance. You openly argue against net neutrality. Protecting a free and open internet – free and open to everybody, regardless of how they are logging on – is very, very important and you have publically stated your opposition and donate corporate money to politicians who will do your bidding in Washington. And worst of all, you have donated money to the tea party. That is lowest of the low, and I refuse to do business with anyone who supports that.

I refuse to give you another penny of my money. As of yesterday, I removed all extra data and messing plans from every phone on my plan, and when my contract is up in the next couple of months we will not be renewing. I have switched my service over to another service, a company that is cheaper and ethical. I just had to let you know how disgusted I am with your company policies and as a result am refusing to do any business with you in the future.

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