Big Government?

This happened in Turkmenistan:

“In January 2006 one-third of the country’s elderly had their pensions discontinued, while another 200,000 had theirs reduced. Pensions received during the prior two years were ordered paid back to the state.”

That’s what the Tea Party’s gonna want to do next.


The tea party doesn’t care about jobs. And more broadly speaking, neither do the Republicans. This whole defeicit thing isn’t really a big issue. Not when unemployment is so high. Not when the economy is in the tank. And the economy is not suffering because of the defiecit. This whole “oh, my grandchildren are going to pay for this”. Umm. What? This whole thing is so distorted.

Republicans have this thing about government. They think it’s evil. They rail against “big government”. This is ideological. They want to defund that government because they don’t believe in it. The Environmental Protection Agency? Big government. The Federal Aviation Administration? Big government. Medicaid for children whose parents can’t afford private insurance? You guessed it. Big government.

It’s insane. I learned back in my basic economics class that when you need to raise employment and grow the economy, the government needs to increase spending. Nothing good can come of slashing the budget by billions of dollars. It will only hurt us, because we’re not cutting the things we really do need to cut (*cough* defense). Shame on you, Republicans. Shame on you, Tea Party. And shame on you Democrats in Congress, and also on you, President Obama.

You know when Speaker Boehner says that he got 98% of what he wanted in this deal, it is not going to be good. And if that’s true – that he got that much of what he wanted – that’s a pretty pathetic compromise, guys. Not a compromise at all. Where is the voice of the working class? So much for shared sacrifice.

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