Thoughts, July 15th 2011

This entire past week has been so disgusting. Republican’s are refusing to give an inch, because they want to keep every .0001% of tax cuts to the wealthy. They’re willing to slash public health care, social security, workers pensions, food and nutrition support for poor families – “everything’s on the table” except taxes (and the defense budget, don’t let them fool you).

I have always said – even when he was running – that President Obama is a very moderate leader. He has been demonized by the Right for being an extremist, a socialist, whatever, but the truth is, he is far less extreme than Bush was, far less extreme than McCain was, (We’ll stay in Iraq for a thousand years!) and he has been so willing the past three years to concede everything from the public option, the Bush tax cuts and slashing budgets to the Right that him being anything Left of center is crazy talk.

The Republican party is all about ideology. First, there is the ultra-rich. The multimillionaires, the billionaires. The tiny group of people that control over 90% of our wealth. They are Republicans because they don’t want to pay taxes, they don’t think that owning such a huge slice of the pie means they should do anything to help the vast majority of the population (who works for them, when they’re not getting laid off – assuming they can even find a job). These are the people who are pro-war, because war is profitible for so many industries, they are against regulation because that means they can do whatever they want – they don’t have to clean up their environmental disasters, they can manipulate the markets and their finances to pay no taxes at all, they want to change the laws so that it’s nearly impossible for consumers to sue for damages caused by products – the list is endless.

The second group of Republicans are the religious right. These so called “values voters”, usually evangelical Christians (or Mormon) vote with their Bible, not with their brains. They oppose abortion; support countless and endless war (it’s all in God’s hands). They say that legalizing same sex marriages destroys communities and the entire network of social fabric but deny that our (gay, straight, bi – everyones) lifestyles are actively destroying the planet, even in the face of rising sea levels, soaring temperatures, freak storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. (I guess it doesn’t matter.. Jesus will be here soon and then it doesn’t matter.)

Of course there is a very small group of “other”. People who are neither religious nor rich, but style themselves “Libertarians”, or some crazy thing. They’re not all bad (or crazy), but the vast majority are.

The tea party is what the founding fathers feared most;  people who are ignorant of how the world works coming to power.

Bill Maher

Basically, the Right is anti-government.

Here’s the facts. In our age of global economies, multi-national corporations who hold more wealth than many nations put together, we need a strong central government, controlled by the people and  for the people to protect us from them. The government should absolutely regulate these industries. Who thinks the oil markets can regulate themselves? Republicans do! Hell, the oil markets can barely regulate themselves when they’re heavily regulated!

Companies, industries and corporations are all single-purpose organisms. THEY EXIST TO MAKE MONEY. The government, on the other hand, was set up (by the Constitution that these Republicans supposedly adore) to protect the citizens from oppression. I’m not saying all companies and businesses are bad. And I’m not denying that there will always be a level of corruption in government. Power begets corruption. In the private and the public sector. But there has to be balance. We need regulation to protect out environment, our drinking water, our soil, our food, our pharmaceuticals, our toys – everything. The private sector isn’t nearly as self-correcting as was once believed.

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