Why I Love Twitter

It took me awhile to jump onto the twitter bandwagon… It seemed kind of silly to me, most of the people I knew used twitter to talk about random stuff I didn’t care about (ex: “off to work now, I wish I was in bed” or “Pizza Hut for dinner!”) But for awhile now I’ve been using twitter to send political messages, and to tweet links to important articles, websites, discussions and videos that I think other people need to see.

And tonight, I’m using twitter to get live commentary on the State of the Union address by President Obama. Using the tag #SOTU, you can read people’s comments in near live-time while watching it on tv. Also check out #sotufacts. And, you can read the complete text of the address at the Huffington Post, by clicking here.

And my personal favorite…

Join us on twitter and share your comments about the State of the Union!

(follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/globewatching)

Also notable people worth following:

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