Sarah Palin – A National Embarrassment

I really hate to give Sarah Palin attention, because she is so ridiculous and unbelievably ignorant, but I feel it is necessary to comment on her because she does get so much media attention and has a sizable group of supporters. As of right now she has 1.8 million fans on facebook. And that honestly scares me because of the things that she says and advocates. Either people aren’t really listening to what she is saying, or her “traditional” and “moral” supporters are really Nazis.

Part of the reason she is so popular I would imagine is because she is one of the faces of a group of Americans who resent the current administration, most notably the so-called Tea Party Patriots. No other group advocates their strong, traditional conservative moral values yet continually uses violent and racist rhetoric and demonstrations. There is no need to give examples, fear mongering against Blacks, Mexicans and other immigrants and especially Arabs and Muslims is a Neo-Conservative legacy.

Palin never ceases to shock me with her arrogance and blind stupidity, but here is one comment she made on her facebook recently that really made my jaw drop.

“We’ve all lived and worked through the Exxon-Valdez spill. They can help you. Give them a call. Or, what the heck, give me a call.” -Sarah Palin

We all know how disastrous the BP oil spill is – oil is still gushing into our oceans, polluting countless miles of coast and the habitats of hundreds of animals, untold damages and billions of dollars in clean up, called the worst oil spill in recent history. And Sarah Palin waves it off, not a big deal, hell, “give me a call” she says. It’s nothing short of arrogant and shows a complete disregard and disconnect to any American who has or will suffer because of the spill.

What are some of the effects we are seeing from this man-caused disaster?

“The spill is going to cause various kinds of environmental disasters like Petroleum Toxicity and Oxygen Depletion, causing life threat to about 400 different species of animals and birds including the endangered species of the Ridley Turtles that live on the marshlands. Till now almost 500 of dead birds, 250 dead turtles and 27 mammals including Dolphins have been recovered from the spill zone. The spill has caused a great disturbance to the ecosystem which would take decades to recover from this intrusion.”

photo credit: CHARLIE RIEDEL / AP

“Many foreign tourists have canceled their trips to coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama fearing the arrival of oil on the beaches. These activities have caused heavy loss to the Tourism Industry. Thus dropping the amount of tourists up to 70 Percent of the expected arrivals.”

(From, read the full story here)

Sarah Palin: The gulf oil disaster is a huge deal to millions of Americans, thousands of small business owners and middle class families who face property damage, loss of business and employment, and to the untold numbers of wildlife and American citizens who will suffer health problems because of the massive amounts of toxic oil that is dumping into our water and our beaches. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so ignorant and out of touch with reality.


The Health Effects of Oil Spills

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